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  • Sabera Talukder Cosyne 2023

    Trends | Cosyne 2023 | March 2023

    Trends here, trends there, trends everywhere! Cosyne 2023 was packed full of superb science, and because drinking straight from a firehose for six straight days is impractical 😅 I'm going distill everything we just witnessed into a few key themes 🤓

  • Sabera Talukder Cosyne 2023

    Resources | Cosyne 2023 | March 2023

    Cosyne 2023, it's a wrap!! What a fantastic meeting in Montreal, with some seriously amazing computational & systems neuroscience 😍🧠 There was so much information that it would be next to impossible to intake and process it all in six days, which is why I'm writting this resource 🤗

  • Sabera Talukder NeurIPS 2022

    NeurIPS 2022 - Papers that Piqued | December 2022

    NeurIPS x New Orleans ended yesterday 😢 closing out an in person & virtual deep learning whirlwind! Before I dive in, I'm going to share some 👍 2022 NeurIPS factoids. Let's go! At NeurIPS 2022 out of the 9,634 submitted papers, 2,672 were...

  • Sabera Talukder Caltech Chen Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Summer School 2022

    Resources - ChenDataSAI 2022 | September 2022

    The 2022-2023 school year starts for many this week! 🤓 With the start of a new school year, I wanted to collect all the resources we created for Caltech's inaugural Chen DataSAI Summer School for anyone interested in easily learning AI...

  • Sabera Talukder Cosyne 2022 Review Biology Neuroscience

    Trends in Computational Neuroscience: Cosyne 2022 | March 2022

    In Cosyne 2022's keynote talk Robert Datta said that since he got tenure 🎉 he could engage in some wild speculation. This is a great rule to have! That being said, I most certainly do not have tenure, but I'm still going to take a swing 😃...

  • Cosyne 2022 Resources | March 2022

    What a whirlwind! Cosyne 2022 was the first in person Cosyne since 2020; meaning that we had 2 years 😱 of science to catch up on! And people did not miss this...

  • Sabera Talukder Neurips 2020 Review Biology Neuroscience

    Neurips 2020 Review: Biology Edition | Dec. 2020

    Last week I had an amazing time at NeurIPS 2020! Despite the need to be physically distanced, the flow of ideas though zoom, gather, and rocket chat intellectually connected us. Inspired by these new connections...

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  • Sabera Talukder Neuroengineering / Neural Engineering Companies

    Neuroengineering Companies | June 2019 - Last Updated Sept. 2019

    Over the past few months people have reached out to me wanting to know which companies do the neuroengineering work that we have been discussing. I hope the following list is a fairly comprehensive resource for...

  • Sabera Talukder Neuroengineering / Neural Engineering Chan Zuckerberg Biohub Symposium

    Recap: The CZ Biohub Neuroengineering Symposium | May 2019

    A little over two weeks ago the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub kicked off its first ever Neuroengineering Symposium. It was a momentous event bringing together...

  • Sabera Talukder What makes someone a successful scientist or engineer

    What Makes a Successful Scientist or Engineer? | Feb. 2019

    A few months ago I was asked by Competitions Zone to write a piece detailing my advice for young scientists and engineers. I found that the most natural way...

  • Sabera Talukder How to collect Systems Level Functional neural data

    How To Collect Systems Level Functional Neural Data | Nov. 2018

    An incredibly important step, maybe even the most important step, in neuroengineering pipelines is collecting neural signals from the brain. The logic...

  • Sabera Talukder What is Neuroengineering and Neural Engineering

    What is Neuroengineering? | Oct. 2018

    Neuroengineering. Neural Engineering. Neurotechnology. You have heard variations of these words in whispers throughout the internet, but you might not actually know what they mean. And it's no wonder! A simple Google search of...